Wubmama, Courtney Stillwell, is a 23 year old talented, independent up-and-coming producer and DJ based in Seattle, WA, originally from Portland, OR. Self taught, she is making a name for herself as a heavy bass artist, but doesn’t stop there- she is talented at making many other genres such as hybrid trap, experimental, melodic bass and more- a ‘jack of all trades’ of EDM. Her longtime love and passion for music, music events and festivals has made her at home in the music scene, and is where she got the inspiration for her one-of-a-kind name. “I’ve been going to events and festivals for years, and Wubmama was my ‘rave name’ and I wanted to keep my roots in my music career.” In her sets, she includes not only heavy bass, and hybrid trap but also uniquely incorporates influences of hip hop and rap, making her sets the perfect blend of breaking your neck and vibing out. Her fan-base and branding are known as #WUBBYGANG  

Only one year into her music career, she has played some of the filthiest lineups Seattle has seen such as Downlink, Big n Slim, and many more. During quarantine, she has also played an array of live streams and a virtual festival, not skipping a beat even during the shut down. “Music has been what keeps me going through all the hard times, and has truly saved my life, I hope my music can uplift people no matter what they’re going through.” 

 Not only has she played these shows in her first year, but she also dropped her neck-breaking debut original heavy dubstep track “Evil” in Sept of 2020 and launched her website, where she dropped her first line of originally designed merch. 

Wubmama’s newest release “Mind Control” is her second original track and is released on Finland based record label Ay Yo Trip! Records. She describes this track as “heavy dubstep, with sci-fi vibes and an experimental twist.” She released it on all platforms on February 8th 2021, only four months after her first track. Mind Control is a unique, heavy bass track, with melodic and experimental influences. “I wanted this track to take you on a journey, I like my music to tell a story. This track has a lot of meaning, and depth and working on it was a very special journey for me.” The opening to Mind Control is definitely hypnotic- It captures you with an intense opening, unique vocals with a mystical melody and elements, all while having a clean mixdown and dynamics. The unique heavy drop makes this song a banger without a doubt, and is certainly mind blowing for this being only her second original track.

“Completing this project was so exciting for me, as well as being humbled by dropping it on the record label. I feel so grateful for all the opportunities my music has brought me, and I can’t wait to accomplish more of my dreams. I hope one day to inspire other females who want to get into music, and spread the message to always follow your dreams and never give up.”