Wubmama, Courtney Stillwell, is a 25-year-old talented, independent producer, and DJ based in Seattle, WA, originally from Portland, OR. Self-taught, she is making a name for herself as a heavy bass artist. However, she doesn’t stop there; she is adept at producing various genres such as hybrid trap, experimental, tearout, and more. She also crafts hip-hop style beats for herself and others, including rappers, YouTubers, creators, and more. Her long-time love and passion for music, music events, and festivals have made her at home in the music scene, inspiring her one-of-a-kind name. “I’ve been attending events and festivals since 2016, deeply in love and involved in EDM since I was 9, and Wubmama was my ‘rave name.’ I wanted to keep my raver roots in my music career.”

In her sets, she not only incorporates heavy bass and hybrid trap but also uniquely blends influences of hip-hop and rap into her EDM performances, creating sets that are the perfect blend of neck-breaking beats and vibing out. Her fan base and branding are known as #WUBBYGANG, with symbols like her iconic rock-on hand and crescent moon standing out in her branding.

Only four years into her music career, she has already embarked on her self-proclaimed North America Tour entitled the “Sinister Sounds Tour” (2023-2024), which included 14 stops. Wubmama has played some of the most renowned lineups in the United States, including Bass Canyon two years in a row, Beyond Wonderland, and has performed support slots with countless big-name artists, including Monxx, Downlink, Big n Slim, Jessica Audiffred, Jeanie, and many more.

Let’s not forget her numerous sold-out headlining shows across the country, with her merch booths tagging right along. Wubmama has been featured all across the United States since the very beginning of her successful career. “Music has been what keeps me going through all the hard times and has truly saved my life. I hope my music can uplift people no matter what they’re going through.”

Not only has she played these shows, but she also dropped her neck-breaking debut original heavy dubstep track “Evil” in September 2020 and launched her website, where she released multiple lines of originally designed merch. She released her second original track, “Mind Control,” on the Finland-based record label “Ay Yo Trip Records” in February 2021. She independently released her next single, “Nightmare,” in 2022, and her latest track, “Sinister,” signed to M.Tune Records, was released in August 2023. This powerful, soundwave-bending producer, DJ, and artist have been taking the EDM scene by storm, all while staying completely independent.

Wubmama has expanded her music career above and beyond. She has been featured twice on the radio, C89.5 Seattle, with her hour-long mixes and an hour-long podcast-style interview at the station. She was also a Roku Network TV producer of a show she produced and created, entitled “Women Behind The Wubs,” on Chimera Network in 2021. “I want to inspire people and show the world that with hard work, dedication, and a fiery passion, you can always accomplish your wildest dreams. Thank you to everyone who supports me on my journey. I couldn’t be here without you.”

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Wubmama is also apart of the powerful collective “GRL GANG”

Created by JEANIE, GRL GANG is an empowering, all women collective of talented artists, DJs, producers, VJs, creators and more. Members, including Wubmama, but not limited to Level Up, Kleopatra, LAYZ, and many more talented women.

Venues & Events

Wubmama has performed at the following Venues & Events:

The Gorge Amphitheater (George, WA)

Arlington, WA

Trinity Nightclub (Seattle, WA)

Solar Culture Gallery (Tucson, AZ)

Cherry Nightclub (Seattle, WA)

Republic NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

Freighthouse Station (Tacoma, WA)

Substation (Seattle, WA)

Nectar Lounge (Seattle, WA)

The Voodoo Room (Austin, TX)

Red Room (Spokane, WA)

Mighty Mick's (Winfield, IN)

Antero Hall (Denver, CO)

Forum Social House (Bellevue, WA)

The Underground (Seattle, WA)

Virtual Sports (Seattle, WA)

Live Stream Sets:

High Dive (Seattle, WA)

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